Quantification of Uncertainties in Biomedical Image Quantification Challenge 2021

(poster/method description presented in the challenge session at MICCAI 2021)


The QUBIQ challenge deals with benchmarking algorithms that quantify uncertainties in biomedical image segmentation. Participants will work on binary segmentation tasks, all of which with multiple annotations from domain experts. To be segmented are various pathologies and anatomical structures, such as brain, kidney, or prostate, in MR or CT image data. A successful algorithm will segment these structures and reproduce the distribution of the experts’ annotations.


The QUBIQ challenge is a satellite event of the 24th International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention (MICCAI).


The challenge workshop will take place as a virtual event on Oct. 1st, 2021.


a) Method descriptions of the participants can be published as workshop papers (8 pages excluding references) in an LNCS publication. 
Note: August 13th August 20th is the submission deadline for optional LNCS proceedings. Please follow the submission guideline of the BrainLes workshop. 

b) Participants will be invited to contribute to a paper that summarizes QUBIQ-2020 and QUBIQ-2021.  We expect to submit it to a journal by the end of this year.